Amanda West


Manda, Mandy, Amanda, Mommy, Mom..  I’m known as many names around here but behind those names is one person.

I’m 34 years old, a wife of 7 years, born and raised in Kansas City and a mom to our two children.

My days are spent as a mom, playing with cars and blocks, changing dirty diapers (hope to potty train soon!), kissing boo boos and playing dress up. In my professional life I’m a writer, hair stylist with a self taught background in web design. Some might call me a “jack of all trades”.

Why I Blog

My blogging life started back in my teens, when it was cool to have an Angelfire website and MySpace page. Mommy of Two Little Monkeys was born shortly after the birth of my youngest daughter, in 2010.

In 2007, after my son’s diagnosis of a peanut and tree nut allergy, I’ve become a food allergy advocate and created a passion to share my life experiences through writing. I’ve contributed to the SunButter Blog and to the Griffin Report for Food Marketing.

In addition to helping others in the food allergy community, I enjoy photography and traveling. With my career in writing, I’ve been able to combine all of these things in my day to day work.

Life as a Mom

My children, Andrew and Andrea, are my inspiration for this blog. They have proven to me how life through Motherhood can be challenging, yet rewarding. We’ve experienced everything from food allergies to speech and communication delays, to the unexpected snuggles, giggles and unconditional love.

Behind my writing you will find a true reflection of me, my experience in the role of motherhood and my life as a Mommy of Two Little Monkeys.

Want to work with me?

If are interesting in hiring me for your upcoming blogging campaign or brand ambassadorship, please feel free to visit the Media page for more information about my blog and email me when your ready.